Director Position Description

Title: CALS Alumni Association Director


Represent CALS alumni in conducting the affairs of the CALS Alumni Association and serve as a voice for College of Agriculture and Life Sciences alumni.


  1. Alumnus of the College (undergraduate or graduate program)
  2. Demonstrated involvement in, support for, and commitment to CALS
  3. Understanding and agreement to fulfill and meet the responsibilities associated with Board Membership


  1. Be familiar with the Bylaws of the CALS Alumni Association
  2. Be knowledgeable about the academic and fundraising priorities of the College.
  3. Serve as a primary contact person for alumni, representing their interests to the Association, the CALS alumni office and the College by fulfilling the following responsibilities:
    • Attend and actively participate in CALS Alumni Association board meetings, committee meetings, conference calls and functions.
    • Serve on at least one Board committee to implement activities/fulfill expectations defined for the committee.
    • Respond to alumni requests for input and guidance and make referrals to the CALS Office of Alumni Affairs as appropriate.
    • Advise the office of the Dean, through the Board, on matters important to alumni relating to the College.
    • Actively participate in the development and implementation of action plans aligned to the CALS Alumni Association Strategic Plan.
    • Participate in the continuous development and review of the Strategic Plan.
  4. Connect with CALS Alumni in one or more of the following ways:
    • Engage alumni as volunteers and recruit active Leadership Team members.
    • Provide leadership in organizing or assisting with local events and activities for alumni.
    • Connect, collaborate and partner with local and regional Cornell alumni offices and programs, and any local Cornell Clubs and associations.
    • Connect with local Cornell Cooperative Extension office.
    • Encourage alumni to attend Association and College on-campus events.
    • Engage with current students and assist in planning events sponsored by Carter Funds, whose purpose is to support student programs and/or student leaders of the Alumni Association of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University.
  5. Consider and nominate alumni for the CALS Outstanding Alumni Award.
    • Endorse and advocate for CALS in professional and personal spheres of influence:
  6. Engage with prospective students.
    • Refer individuals and businesses to CALS Staff for potential visitation.
    • Contribute to the Board (using skills, experiences, and time) in such areas as:
    • Education and outreach.
    • Marketing and communications.
    • Fundraising: corporate/foundation relations; donor cultivation/stewardship.
    • Sustainability and environmental practices.
    • Local, state, or federal government policy.
    • Non-profit management; business best practices; entrepreneurship.
    • Full engagement of alumni (promoting passionate and emotional connections to CALS).


The CALS Office of Alumni Affairs is the primary support base for directors and their activities. The Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs and Development in the CALS Office of Alumni Affairs will serve as the liaison between the Directors and the Alumni Affairs Office, work with the Executive Committee to ensure that all new Directors are trained in the workings of the Alumni Association, and serve as Secretary to the Board.

IV. Estimated Annual Time and Expenditure Commitments

  1. Time
    • Board and Committee meetings: 3 Campus Events (6 days)
    • Phone Conferences/Unscheduled Contacts: 10 hours
    • Association events: 20 hours
  2. Expenditure on Voluntary Basis
    • Annual contribution to the Cornell Annual Fund
    • Travel expenses to meetings and events
    • Accommodations at meetings
    • Event registration fees including Annual Outstanding Alumni Banquet and Annual Breakfast Meeting

V. Term

  1. 3 years
  2. May serve two full consecutive terms