Committees and Goals

  • Alumni Engagement Committee
    Identifies needs, effective programs, and other activities to cultivate alumni engagement and works to develop campus and regional events and celebrations to move alumni into roles of partnership and advocacy with the College.
  • Executive
    Oversees the business of the Association and conducts necessary business between meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Nominations
    Recommends Association members for appointment to the Board of Directors, a slate of officers for the Board of Directors, revised District boundaries, and builds a strong base of alumni volunteers.
  • Planning and Marketing Committee
    Develops, for Board approval, the Association’s goals and strategies outlined within its Strategic Plan and tracks progress toward achieving these goals. Deals with other issues related to marketing, policy, structure and governance.
  • Recognition Committee
    Selects and recognizes outstanding alumni, faculty, and volunteers through awards and public recognition.
  • Student Leadership Committee
    Encourages stronger relationships between current students, potential students, the Association, and the College.
  • Young Alumni
    Mobilizes the opinions and advice of young alumni (those who graduated 10 years or less from CALS) for guiding Association activities, seeking to motivate them to become engaged as partners and advocates of the CALS mission.