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This event is part of the Fruit IPM for the Home Garden and Landscapes Conference. 

Growing edible, perennial landscapes has long been a practice in agroforestry, indigenous agriculture and permaculture. Over the last three years, we’ve brought these groundbreaking practices to CCE educators, Master Gardener Volunteers and home gardeners with a program that builds hands-on ecological gardening skills through an online course and with the development of small pilot demonstration gardens to spread this knowledge across our state. We’ll learn about the progress from this statewide effort around gardening like a forest!   

About the Speaker

Ashley Helmholdt
Garden-Based Learning, Cornell University 

Ashley is an Extension Associate with Cornell University in the School of Integrated Plant Sciences. She leads Adult Programming in Garden-Based Learning, which provides horticulture educators with inspiring, research-based gardening resources and professional development to facilitate engaging, empowering, and relevant learning experiences for children, youth, adults, and communities. Ashley’s background is in sustainable planning, environmental education and civic engagement, focused on food systems, green infrastructure and gardening projects.  She has an Urban Planning and Environmental Studies BS, and an Applied Research in Human Environment Relations MS from Cornell.  She’s worked with national and regional non-profits, like Earth Force, National Wildlife Federation and the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition.  She has also worked with a local government sustainability office, developing new grants and education programs on food security, climate change and community gardens. She’s excited to support professional development resources for the Master Gardener Volunteer and Seed to Supper programs, as well as the new Food Forest Trial Garden program

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Fruit IPM for the Home Garden and Landscapes Conference

Date & Time

June 27, 2024
10:50 am - 11:20 am


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Anna Wallis

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Ashley Helmholdt, Garden-Based Learning, Cornell University


New York State Integrated Pest Management

School of Integrative Plant Science

Cornell AgriTech

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