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  • Food Systems & Global Change

In our journey towards sustainability, transforming our food systems is crucial. Join us in our workshop series organized by the Circular Food Systems team at Wageningen University, and Cornell Food Systems & Global Change:

  • Explore future food system scenarios.
  • Play our serious game to redesign future food systems.
  • Design pathways to ensure that our food systems operate within planetary boundaries.Our cross-disciplinary team will guide you through these interactive game sessions linking evidence-based scenarios and collective decision making.

Check our latest publication and explore the future of food system with our dashboard: van Zanten, H.H.E., Simon, W., van Selm, B. et al. Circularity in Europe strengthens the sustainability of the global food system. Nature Food 4, 320–330 (2023).

Let's play and redesign the future of food systems together!

Date & Time

May 31, 2024
11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Contact Information

Megan Hay

  • meh372 [at]


Hannah Van Zanten

  • hannah.vanzanten [at]

Federico Andreotti

  • federico.andreotti [at]


Department of Global Development

Wageningen Circular Food Systems and Cornell Food Systems & Global Change

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