CIFS provides a forum for networking and collaboration between industrial research scientists, business leaders, and Cornell faculty. We are pleased to highlight some of the collaborations between Cornell and our industry partners that have resulted.

Other Industry Initiatives

The Alt. Protein Project at Cornell

The Alt. Protein Project at Cornell

An important focus at CIFS is in supporting student-led initiatives that increase their exposure to new learning opportunities and industry career paths. One such initiative is the Alt. Protein Project at Cornell, which was founded by students in 2021 in partnership with The Good Food Institute.

The Alt. Protein Project at Cornell strives to build a healthy, sustainable, and just food system by creating a vibrant and robust community for alternative protein research and innovation at Cornell University. The organization aims to provide members with a community where they can explore the field of alternative protein and other opportunities associated with plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation-derived meat, eggs, and dairy to plan future careers that will allow them to transform the future of food. At its best, the Alt. Protein Project at Cornell group acts as a miniature thinking tank for a burgeoning field, catapulting its members to the forefront of the alternative protein movement. While the Project’s membership is primarily students, it is open to all at Cornell who are interested in taking the steps to a better, more sustainable future that aims to reduce the consumption of conventional meat.

Prof. Elad Tako serves as faculty advisor and Rajni Aneja as industry engagement mentor to the Project.

For further information on how to engage with the Alt. Protein Project at Cornell, please contact cornellaltpro [at] (cornellaltpro[at]gmail[dot]com).

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