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Lindsay Springer, PhD

Head of Plants and Nutrition, Gardyn Inc.

Join us on Tuesday, Sept 20 at 3:45 pm in Pepsico Auditorium, Stocking Hall or Zoom

“A Fresh Perspective on Fresh Produce: Embracing Hyperlocal Food Production and Artificial Intelligence for Climate Smart Agriculture and Unlocking Plant-based Nutrition”


Recent findings presented by the United Nations agricultural agency at the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow indicate that 31% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions originate from the world’s agri-food sector. In order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, a significant redirection to climate smart agriculture, as exemplified by Gardyn, is urgently needed. With soilless growing, using 95% less water, no single use plastics, and no pesticides, Gardyn improves the sustainability of fresh produce growing while simultaneously enhancing our collective adaptation and resilience to climate change.  Using household environments and infrastructure vs. de novo hydroponic business structures, the economic model of hyperlocal food production can finally achieve significant cost and climate impact gains over the current agricultural production models for fresh produce. The incorporation of Gardyn’s artificial intelligence system to chaperone the growing process lowers technical barriers to entry, ensures growing success, and empowers consumers through lifestyle enhancement.  Additionally, by eliminating lengthy fresh produce supply chains, hyperlocal fresh produce production unlocks the potential for a wealth of plant biodiversity to enrich human nutrition on both a population and personalized level.

Respect Statement

Diversity in the field of food science – in race, gender, sex, religion, language, ability, veteran status, place of origin, academic specialization, etc. – is an asset to our learning experience. As a result, we hope to provide an inclusive and welcoming space for our speakers to share their expertise. We want to reaffirm our commitment to speaking respectfully and mindfully to members of our Cornell community as well as our guests and note that individuals identifying with historically minoritized groups should not be expected to describe or provide perspective on these groups unless they themselves volunteer to relate their experiences. We value the scholarship of each of our speakers, and we invite our speakers in order to hear their unique contributions to the field.


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