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Paul Schreurs Memorial Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Office Managing the Award Process: CALS Student Services Office

Date of Announcement: Early March

Deadline for Submission: It varies; usually about 2 weeks after announcement

Eligibility: Nominees must be senior students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences who are currently engaged in undergraduate research and plan to pursue higher education.  The selection committee, consisting of faculty and advisors of the CALS Honor Society, will select the nominee who best demonstrates enthusiasm, motivation, competence, and a dedication to research and its application to humanity. The decision will be based on a student essay and a research advisor's recommendation. 

Specifics: In keeping with its ideals of encouraging scholarship, leadership, and citizenship, the CALS Honor Society of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences sponsors the Paul Schreurs Memorial award with two purposes: The first is to recognize the accomplishments and efforts of students engaged in undergraduate research, since such effort ultimately serves humanity.  The second is to remember former honor society member Paul J. Schreurs, who inspired others to incorporate altruism into their own lives.

Paul was actively engaged in undergraduate research in microbiology and planned to continue his education through medical school.  Paul's commitment to humanity extended beyond his involvement with his studies: he was a Big Brother in the Ithaca One-to-One program; a group leader for Wilderness Reflections; and a Cornellian dedicated to the University, to his professors, and to his friends. In one sense Paul's life ended when he was killed in an accident at Buttermilk Falls on March 15, 1986; in a larger sense, he lives on through his ideals and the intangible gifts he gave to others. This award is the result of Paul's inspiration.

The recipient will receive an award of one thousand dollars and will be honored at the CALS Dean's Awards Dinner in April.

Presented at: Dean's Awards Dinner

Previous Awardees of The Paul Schreurs Memorial Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Previous Awardees of The Paul Schreurs Memorial Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research
2022Recipient: Mriganka Nerkar, Biological Sciences
2022Runner-up: Martin Alani, Plant Sciences

Lana Aldos, Biology & Society and Communication


Mei Hong Liu, Biology and Society


Brian Lee, Biological Sciences