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Supporting Hires with Visa Needs

Overview: In order to be sure that employees (paid or unpaid) can access Cornell Services on their first day of work including but not limited to (library access, net-Id, bus pass), it is critical that the employee arrives in Ithaca prior to the start of their appointment to allow sufficient time to complete the J1 check -in process and the necessary onboarding paperwork.

New Appointments:

Hiring Department Responsibilities:

  • Work with the HR Representative to obtain approval for the position and verify the content of the offer letter that will be sent.
  • Request J1 Visa through myStatus. If the visa type is an H1B this will be discussed and managed through HR during the review of the hire paperwork.
    • Please note only HR enters H1B information into myStatus.
  • 30 Days Prior to Arrival (Chair's Assistant)
    • Confirm with the employee that the visa is secured (have they had their appointment at the consulate?)
    • Confirm arrival date.
    • Must have local address and text enabled phone on CALS Fact Sheet.
    • If there are any issues, adjustments will be made to the offer letter after conferring with HR.
  • 5-10 Days Prior to Arrival (Chair's Assistant to Communicate to HR Representative)
    • Notify HR Rep of the following:
      • Start date remains the same or changed.
      • Local address/phone number
      • Any additional updates.

Candidate/Employee's Responsibilities

  • Provide requested information to the hiring department so they can start our visa application.
  • Complete your information when you receive the email notification from myStatus. This email will come from either the J1 or the H1B visas.
  • When you arrive (for J1 Scholars):
    • You must complete the J1 Check in Process
    • HR Rep can then do the following:
      • Verify start and end dates align with visa dates.
      • Verify that the visa/work authorization information is entered correctly in Workday.
      • Notify the department and individual that the appointment has been processed.

Visa Extensions will be processed once the proper paperwork has been submitted and approved through HR.

Leaving more than 30 days before your visa terms?

  • Individual should be directed to the Leave or Transfer section of Immigration Services.

Leaving before your H1B expiration date?

  • Individual should be directed to the Leave or Transfer section of Immigration Services.

See full visa process document here.