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Procedures for creation of New Academic Positions

Position Function    

  • List the primary duties of the position including a statement of the position’s overall purpose.  Be as factual and specific as possible so that a complete picture of the position’s responsibility is presented.

    Example: This position requires an experienced scientist to use animal models in researching the roles of fruits and vegetables in the field of cancer chemoprevention in the department of Food Science. This individual will be required to research the genes expression of neoplasm tissues from animal models such as cell cycle, cell apoptosis and signal transduction. This position will also investigate bioactivities of medicinal plants and other natural products in cancer prevention.

Anticipated Division of Time

  • List the position’s assigned responsibilities and estimate percentage of annual time spent on each responsibility. Include only the essential functions that are fundamental and necessary to the position.


  • List education degrees required to perform the duties of the position.
  • List specific skills and technical/administrative training required.
  • Specify the amount of job-related experience needed.
  • Separate what is required and what is preferred skills and experience.

Supervision Exercised

  • List the functional supervision that will be exercised over support staff, as well as graduate and undergraduate students involved in research.

 CALS hiring range for this title is University minimum to “Justification Approved Rate”.