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Interview Wrap-Up: Determining Final Candidate

When the search committee decides on whom the finalist should be, the feedback needs to be objective and tied to the candidate’s education, experience, skill sets, professionalism, presentation skills (if applicable), etc.

  • The hiring supervisor/manager should give their feedback last – this will allow the search committee to provide their honest opinion/feedback without being concerned about it being in alignment (or not in alignment) with the hiring supervisor/manager.
  • It is okay to have a modified discussion after each interview. You should have a formal debrief the day after the interviews to discuss all candidates.
  • Please let your HR Representative know that you have a finalist. Your representative will work with you on a compensation strategy. Please refer to the Making an Offer Section and Having Your Position Approved Section regarding compensation strategy.
  • It is highly recommended that you only check the reference for your top finalist; if you want to check references for the top two finalists, contact your HR Representative.

You will need to discuss next steps with your finalist. Inform them that they are the finalist and you want to proceed in extending a contingent verbal offer:

  1. Potential start date and reconfirming the candidate is okay with the salary.
  2. Reference check
  3. Candidate data submission: The finalist will need to complete the rest of the employment application and provide their date of birth, social security number, etc.; they will receive an e-mail via the Workday Recruiting System. The data submission is initiated once the reference check has been completed.
  4. Accepting the offer letter.
  5. Informing the finalist of a criminal background check and, if applicable, driver check.

Once the Candidate Data Submission is completed, your HR Representative will send the offer letter via the Workday Recruiting System. They will let you know once the candidate has electronically signed the offer letter.

 Additionally, you will need to inform the remaining candidates (that were interviewed) that they were not selected. You can hold off on informing your second top-choice candidate. We strongly encourage that someone from the search committee calls the candidates regarding the decision. Please reach out to your HR Representative for guidance on how to have this conversation.

For your second top-choice candidate, we recommend sharing them with your colleagues; HR will do the same.