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Non-academic Search Committee Resources

CALS has a unique blend of roles that collaborate throughout the search process. For these guidelines and clarity purposes, below are the definitions:

  • HR Representative
  • Department: Individual(s) within the unit who is authorized to administer the search

Since you are hiring on behalf of the College, you must review the below resources and training materials.

Having Your Position Approved

Your HR Representative will work with you to ensure that the job description aligns with your work needs. The driver check is required for all positions where it was stated in the job description that a driver’s license was required.


The University is committed to recruiting, developing, rewarding, and retaining high-quality employees by promoting fair and equitable compensation.

Compensation should be based on the candidate’s overall qualifications, including education, previous work experience, skills, competencies, and prior job performance. Your HR Representative will give you the 100% of Market for the position.