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International Hiring Process

Overview: In order to be sure that employees (paid or unpaid) can access Cornell Services on their first day of work including but not limited to (library access, net-Id, bus pass), it is critical that the employee arrives in Ithaca prior to start of appointment to allow sufficient time to complete hiring paperwork, and visit the Onboarding Center.  Please allow 5-7 business days for process to fully complete. Letters are located at the SAD website.


  1. The scholar goes to the hiring department’s Chair’s Assistant to:
    1. Receive and sign appointment letter. (These steps are required to be done prior to the arrival of the scholar.)
    2. Complete the CALS Fact Sheet
    3. Pay Visiting Fellow/Scholar fee
  2. All newly arrived J-1 exchange visitors need to check in online. J-1 transfers and J-1 student interns must report to the Office of Global Learning to check in.  They must report directly to Office of Global Learning to check in and to complete additional paperwork.  They must bring the following:
    1. Offer letter
    2. Visa
    3. Passport and DS-2019
  3. The scholar will return to the Chair’s Assistant and present the following documents:
    1. ISSO Immigration Status Verification Form
    2. Signed Appointment letter (Completed and returned when offer is made.)
    3. CALS Fact Sheet (Completed and returned when offer is made.)
    4. DS-2019
    5. CV (Completed and returned when offer is made.)
    6. Proof of degree (Completed and returned when offer is made.)
  4. The Chair’s Assistant will PDF the above required documents to the HR Rep to process the appointment.
  5. HR will initiate the hiring process within the Workday system once they have received confirmation that the Visiting Fellow/Scholar fee has been paid.
  6. The scholar will receive either a text message or email informing them to activate their NetID.
  7. After activation of NetID, the scholar will then receive a confirmation from the Onboarding Center to schedule an appointment to finalize documents for their appointment.  Appointments can typically be scheduled within 2 business days.
  8. Once completed they will receive:
    1. Bus Pass
    2. ID