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CALS Student Employment

Please contact CALS HR Student Employment (calshrstudent [at] (calshrstudent[at]cornell[dot]edu)) for assistance regarding hourly student employment.

Workday is now being utilized to post hourly student jobs. In order to hire an hourly student employee, the job must be posted in Workday. 

Hiring managers must provide HR Student Employment with the position details utilizing the Student Job Posting Form. Once received:

  1. HR Student Employment posts the job.
  2. Hiring manager/department manages the search: Screening candidates, moving candidates to the offer stage (including entering hire details), and declining candidates.
  3. HR Student Employment will finalize the hire transaction and ensure that the posting has been closed.

Students cannot work until their hire has been processed; the hiring manager and the student will receive an e-mail notification confirming the hire and appropriate next steps.


I-9 Requirements

All hourly student employees not previously employed at Cornell University must complete the federally required I-9 form.

After the student completes section 1 of the I-9, they will designate a family member or friend to review their work authorization documents. CALS Student Employment will then verify and approve the completion of the I-9 for hourly student employees; the department is responsible for graduate student employees. 

The hourly student employee and hiring manager will receive an e-mail from CALS Student Employment with instructions on completing the I-9. There will be notifications from Workday that will be sent as well. 

The I-9 must be successfully completed within three days of the student’s start date.