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University Appeals Panel Committee


  • Arnab Basu (‘21)
  • Paul Soloway (‘21)
  • Wendy Wolford (‘21)
  • Stephen Winans (‘21)
  • Courtney Weber (‘21)
  • Angela Douglas (‘22)
  • Tom Hirschl (‘22)
  • Daniel Buckley ('24)
  • Alex Flecker ('24)
  • Steve Zinder ('24)
  • Pat Johnson ('24)
  • Natalie Bazarova (‘25)
  • Debbie Cherney (‘25)
  • Olga Padilla-Zakour (‘25)
  • Susan Quirk (‘25)

The University Appeals Panel was established to consider appeals of negative decisions on faculty regarding appointments and promotions. Each college or school elects five tenured faculty members or 5 percent of its tenured faculty, whichever, number is greater, to the panel. In addition, the president of the University appoints ten-tenured faculty members to the panel. The terms are staggered and of five years duration. Members are drawn from the University Appeals Panel to form the appeal committees that hear individual cases.