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Nominations Committee

Committee Members

  • Pat Johnson (‘21)
  • Lee Humphreys (‘21)
  • Thomas Bjorkman ('22)
  • Janice Thies (Chair, '22)
  • Bruce Monger ('22)
  • Brian Chabot ('23)
  • Robert Raguso ('23)


Seven faculty members Committee Chair: Elected annually by the entire CALS voting faculty

Lengths of Terms

  • Faculty - 3 years


  1. The Nominations Committee shall suggest nominees to meet the needs of the vacancies in the Standing committees of the College and other positions representing or involved with the college faculty in early March to the Executive Dean. The Nominations Committee will identify at least one candidate, but preferably two or more, for each open position.
  2. The Executive Dean will then send a slate of candidates out to the CALS voting faculty members.
  3. The CALS voting faculty members will vote on the candidates recommended by the Nominations Committee.