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Mann Library Committee

Committee Members

  • Kathy Arnink (CALS - '21)
  • Willy Bemis (CALS - '22)
  • Taryn Bauerle (CALS - '22)
  • Robin Dando (CALS ‘23)
  • Nicolas Ziebarth (CHE ‘23)
  • Janet Loebach (CHE ‘23)
  • David Levitsky (CHE ‘23)
  • Don Viands, ex officio
  • Sara E. Wright, Mann Library, ex officio

Student Members

  • Lea Sarmiento - CHE
  • Philly Latorre - CHE
  • James Warren - CHE
  • John Ninia – CALS
  • Vivian Lee – CALS


Four faculty members are elected by the faculty of CALS and three faculty members are elected or appointed by the Dean of Human Ecology and two student representatives from each college. The Director of Academic Programs (CALS) and the Director of Mann Library (or their designated representatives) are ex-officio members. Committee Chair: Elected annually by the Committee from its faculty membership

Length of Terms

  • Faculty - 3 years
  • Student - 1 year


  1. Represent the interests of the faculty and students in promoting the effectiveness of the Albert R. Mann Library as an instrument in the missions of the College.
  2. Advise, assist and cooperate with the administrative staff of Mann Library to maintain and promote the scholarly activities of the library.
  3. Advise library administrators on matters of library policy and operation.
  4. Bring concerns and suggestions for improvement to the attention of the library, college and/or university administration.
  5. Serve as communication link between the faculty, students, scholarly community and the university, college and library administration.
  6. Inform the faculty on library matters and recommend any appropriate action.
  7. Along with the library administration, routinely make reports and/or presentations to meetings of a faculty liaison group. The Committee shall assist the library administration in seeking internal and external support for the library.
  8. The chair has responsibility for calling at least 6 meetings per year. 9. The Committee submits an annual report to the faculty.