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Minutes - September 2019

Thanks Jim!

Jim Blankenship has been unanimously elected by the members of the CFEC to continue in the role as CHAIR of your CFEC for the next year.

New Tool for Reviewing Courses

We saw a tour of This tool, created at the University of Michigan, organizes data from existing sources (already available to students and faculty) to help students gather information about courses. This could be especially helpful in preparation for pre-enroll. The system offers useful info that advisors might not know, it’s not intended to replace advisors. Information about courses outside the advisor’s department/college was thought to be particularly useful, such as the ability to view the classes other students have taken before or after taking a class. While Cornell students already have access to it, the College of Human Ecology uses it widely and has found it to be an important tool for their students. At our next meeting, we will be discussing whether or not to give Cornell students access to the data from CALS courses. Please feel free to log onto the system to check it out. Email us at cfec [at] by Sept 30 with comments to consider for our discussion.

Voted YES on new global development major

The new Global Development Department sent a comprehensive proposal for their new major, with three concentrations that closely match onto the existing majors of International Agriculture and Rural Development (IRAD) and Development Sociology. If approved, existing students in the two departments can choose to continue under their current major or change to Global Development. Over a longer time frame, the new Global Development will replace the current majors. The CALS curriculum committee voted to approve the major last week, and the CFEC also voted to approve. Next, the proposal goes to the University Trustees and SUNY for review.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Chelsea Specht (the newly appointed CALS Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion) visited us to request that her role as Chair of the D&I committee be transitioned to ex officio and sought guidance on replacing two members who have termed out or moved on. We advised her to create an advisory or ad-hoc committee while the nominating committee gathers names for the 3 vacant elected positions.

Other Details

  • In Room: Eric Alani, Sahara Byrne, Jim Blankenship, Mike Mazourek, Max Pfeffer, Don Viands, Chelsea Specht, Lori Leonard, Terry Tucker, Margaret Frey
  • Via Zoom: Bruce Reisch, Jennifer Grant
  • You can email your CFEC anytime at: cfec [at]

Your CFEC - CALS Faculty Executive Committee:

  • Eric Alani eea3 [at]
  • Jim Blankenship james.blankenship [at] (CHAIR)
  • Sahara Byrne seb272 [at]
  • Jennifer Grant jag7 [at]
  • Mike Mazourek mm284 [at]
  • Bruce Reisch bruce.reisch [at]
  • Joe McFadden jwm [at]
  • Max Pfeffer and Don Viands are also in attendance at the CFEC meetings.