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Organizing Work for High-Quality Results

This course will teach you how to diagnose and correct performance problems and develop clear expectations. Learn how to delegate effectively and organize work using checklists, activity flows and standard operating procedures.

Organizing Work for High Quality Results teaches farm supervisors how to develop clear expectations and delegate effectively. Learn how to implement a quality management system on your farm, create your own standard operating procedures, and develop processes to streamline work and improve results.

Organizing Work for High Quality Results is a six-week online course delivered through Moodle.

Instruction includes a combination of prerecorded lectures, reading assignments, written activities, and a weekly quiz. Every week students have the option to participate in an online session with instructors and classmates to discuss the weekly activities and learning topics. To get the most out of the course, students should plan to spend a minimum of two hours each week on combined course activities. Cornell Agricultural Workforce Developmentā€™s supervisory leadership program consists of six courses. For those completing all six courses and achieving 70 percent or better on all weekly quizzes will receive an Agricultural Supervisory Leadership certificate.

Learning objectives

  • Quality Management Systems
  • Continuous improvement
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Quality assurance
  • Protocols, activity flows and standard operating procedures
  • Effective delegation
  • Psychological safety
  • Social responsibility in agriculture


Cornell Agricultural Workforce Development leadership courses are appropriate for both new and experienced farm supervisors and managers, as well as those preparing to become supervisors. All participants will learn leadership concepts and practice skills that will improve their ability to build a positive workplace and get results through leading others.

Course details

  • Moodle
  • Six weeks


Richard Stup, Agricultural Workforce Specialist, Horticulture Section Cornell Cooperative Extension


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