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Graduate Field of Communication

Approach communication as a broad and fundamentally social phenomenon

    Drawing from the resources of outstanding scholars in the social sciences, natural sciences and humanities at Cornell University, our students find new ways to investigate how communication shapes and is shaped by our society and cognition. The graduate program in Communication is geared toward training and mentoring the next generation of Communication scholars.

    Students, all of whom are financially supported, have the opportunity to work closely with top faculty on cutting-edge research, take courses with world-class scholars in the Field and across campus, and actively participate in a diverse community of innovators and ideas. Our graduates have gone on to faculty positions at top universities and jobs at the forefront of industry research.

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

    Admission to the Ph.D. program in the Graduate Field of Communication at Cornell University is highly competitive. The Graduate Admissions Committee considers several factors for admission to the graduate program, and all applicants must meet the general admission requirements of the Cornell University Graduate School. Once admitted, all students are fully funded by the Department for five years through assistantships and/or fellowships, provided suitable progress is being made toward completing the degree.