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Yantong Cui


Class Year

Major & Minor

  • Major: Biological Sciences
  • Minor: Biometry and Statistics


  • China


I like how I could pursue the interdisciplinary field in CALS! And I really enjoy the Dairy Bar ice cream!!!

What has been an academic highlight for you outside of your major?

My academic highlight outside of my major was when I got positive feedback in my creative writing class. It was my first time to write a short novel in English, and I was really excited when I was told my work was interesting.

How have you found your closest friends at Cornell?

We live in the same residence building on West campus and are both bio-major transfers. During orientation, we exchanged contact information and kept in touch after that. Then we became best friends here at Cornell.

What are your go-to campus resources?

My major advisor and student advisors helped me a lot after I transferred here. They gave me useful advice about how to plan my semester schedule and how to look for research opportunities.