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Tanmay Bansal 


Class Year


  • Major: Information Science


  • New Delhi, India 


Bonding with another new student during my freshman year over delicious ice cream at the Dairy Bar! 

What has been an academic highlight for you within your major? 

I got the great opportunity to lecture and administer a class in machine learning through my project team Cornell Data Science. Being on the other side of the lecture hall led to a greater appreciation for both the subject and the faculty. 

What is something you have been involved with outside of academics that is meaningful to you? 

I beatbox with an a cappella group on campus, and have done so through all four years of my Cornell education. I am very grateful for the memories and meaningful relationships I have built over time. 

What are your post-graduation goals? 

I will be working as a data scientist in finance after graduation. In the long-term, I hope I can leverage my academic skillset and post-graduation experiences to help create tangible social change.