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Jada Kissi


Class Year

Majors & Minors

  • Majors: Communication; Development Sociology 
  • Minors: Leadership; Demography 


  • East Hartford, CT


When I added my second major and minors – because there were so many areas that fit my interests and because my majors and minors requirements overlapped, it worked out great! 

Why CALS is a great fit for you?

I really like the faculty within CALS. They are really motivated by the student experience. They make sure we learn and walk away with applicable skills that not only feed our intellectual growth but also make us better and more understanding individuals. I've had wonderful professors who supervised my independent research and independent study because they wanted me to extend my academic journey and explore my interests.

Why are you a great fit for CALS? 

I'm a great fit for CALS because I like to look at the larger picture of things to understand how it applies to myself, my community, and the world. I want to leave Cornell and CALS as a better person and one who works to change the world.

What are your post-graduation goals?  

I'd love to go on to a full-time job within development communication, or program management under a development-related organization. I am also interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in development practice with a focus on women's sexual health and reproductive rights.