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Christopher LaHood


Class Year

Major & Minor

  • Major: Biological Sciences
  • Minor: Religious Studies


  • Buffalo, NY


One of my favorite experiences has been learning about different people from all different background and their interests and aspirations. It has been amazing to have conversations with so many unique and passionate people in CALS and I would not trade this experience for anything.

What has been an academic highlight for you within your major?

An academic highlight for me was when I was a TA for Biog1500 and learned a lot about not only the class itself but also about the pedagogy used in the classroom.

What has been an academic highlight for you outside of your major?

A highlight for me outside of my major was when I took Relst 2273, Religion and Ecological Sustainability. This class was life changing and it caused me to pursue a minor in Religious Studies.

What is one of your favorite spots on campus?

One of my favorite spots on campus is the top of Libe Slope behind Uris Library. The view from this spot is astounding and it takes my breath away every time I look down the slope and towards the city of Ithaca, especially at night.