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Concurrent Degree

Emphasizing interdisciplinary study

The Concurrent Degree enables exceptional undergraduate students to take advantage of the breadth of academic study that is Cornell’s hallmark.

With nearly 80 majors offered by the undergraduate colleges and schools, the Concurrent Degree enables a student to build a unique curriculum around their special interests.

When earning two distinct and independent degrees at the baccalaureate level (such as a B.A. from Architecture, Art and Planning and a B.S. from CALS), the student must have permission from both colleges. The coursework must have at least 30 credits of specialized, program-specific coursework that is unique to each degree. Significant overlap in the general, liberal arts curriculum is permissible, however, any overlap in specialized requirements for each degree is limited to 12 academic credits. When the two degrees involve a program in a licensed profession, no credits in the professional curriculum may be “double-counted” towards a different degree.

Eligibility and Academic Requirements by Major

  • Eligible applicants should be non-CALS students who are in good standing in their current college/school and will have completed at least two full-time semesters at Cornell (12 credits minimum/semester) prior to beginning a concurrent degree in CALS.
    • While students can apply at any point between the 2nd semester of their freshman year and the 1st semester of their junior year, the ideal time to apply is during the sophomore year.
    • Applications will likely not be accepted from students who have already completed 5 or more semesters.
    • Students who have questions or concerns pertaining to the timing of their concurrent degree application should contact the Office of Internal Transfer and Concurrent Degrees Advisor.
  • A minimum cumulative Cornell GPA of 3.3 is required.
  • Applicants should be aware that pursuing a concurrent degree requires two additional semesters (at least 30 additional credits).
  • Concurrent degrees are offered through all CALS majors with the exception of Applied Economics and Management (AEM), Biology and Society, Global and Public Health Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • Due to curriculum overlap, the following major combinations are not available:
    • Communication/Information Science
    • Review additional information on concurrent degree exclusions.
  • At least one course in your new interest area should be completed with a grade of B or better prior to beginning a concurrent degree. For some majors, additional coursework may be required (see requirements for internal transfer and verify with appropriate CALS advising contact).
  • Students applying to complete a concurrent degree in Landscape Architecture must submit a Portfolio.
  • Concurrent degree applications are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. A solid statement of intent, 10-semester plan and feedback from your CALS advising contact all factor significantly into the assessment of fit for your prospective CALS major and the concurrent degree option.

Concurrent Degree applications are accepted for the fall and spring semesters.

Apply For:

Application Deadline


Spring Semester

Last day of classes in December


Fall Semester

Last day of classes in May


1. Meet with Office of Internal Transfer and Concurrent Degrees Advisor

  • Schedule a meeting with the Office of Internal Transfer and Concurrent Degrees Advisor to discuss your interests and learn about the concurrent degree option.

  • Instructions for completing a statement of intent will be provided to you.

  • Submit your written statement of intent to CALS Admissions (and your home college, if instructed to do so).

2. Meet with the Advising Contact in your desired CALS major

  • View the list of Advising Contacts by major and schedule a meeting (after CALS Admissions confirms that your statement of intent has been shared with the Advising Contact).

    • The purpose of the meeting is to determine the feasibility and wisdom of pursuing a concurrent degree, to fully understand the major requirements, and to discuss how to complete the required courses within the 10-semester concurrent degree timeframe.

    • Be prepared by bringing a current unofficial transcript and a list of questions.

    • To confirm that this meeting has taken place, complete this brief form. Following your meeting, the Advising Contact will provide feedback to the CALS Admissions office regarding your candidacy.

3. Complete your 10-semester plan

  • Under the advisement of the Office of Internal Transfer and Concurrent Degrees, complete your 10-semester plan using the template that is provided to you.

  • The Office of Internal Transfer and Concurrent Degrees Advisor, the Advising Contact in your desired CALS major and the appropriate representative from your home college should approve and sign your 10-semester plan.

4. Complete the Concurrent Degree Application

  • CALS requires submission of your resume, so be sure to include this in the space provided on the online application form.

5. All decisions are final and there is no appeal process

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