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M.Eng. Degree Requirements

  1. At least 30 semester hours, of which at least 24 credit hours must be in the College of Engineering. All courses towards the 30 credits must be 5xxx level or higher.  Overall 30 credits includes up to 9 credits of BEE 5951-5952.
  2. At least 28 hours must be taken for letter grade, with no grades below C-.
  3. A minimum of 6 credits to a maximum of 9 credits of BEE 5951-5952, Master of Engineering Design Project, completed for letter grade. The design project requires a final report and a formal presentation of the project to the graduate faculty.
  4. A minimum of 9 credits must be taken in the Biological and Environmental Engineering Department (no more than 6 credits of design project can be used for these credits).
  5. The remaining credits are approved by the faculty advisor. Courses covering subject matter previously taken may not be repeated for credit.

Special requirements for students without an undergraduate engineering degree:

  6. Graduating MEng students are required to have taken the following courses to graduate:

  • differential equations (equivalent of Cornell’s MATH 2930)
  • physics (equivalent of Cornell’s PHYS 1112)
  • chemistry (equivalent of Cornell’s CHEM 2070)
  • college level biology course

These courses will not count towards the credits students need for their MEng degree at Cornell. These courses may be taken at Cornell or elsewhere.

  7. In addition, graduating MEng students need a minimum of:

  • 24 engineering course credits including their project course credits.
  • 18 of these credits must be taken at the 5xxx level or higher.

This requirement can be satisfied within the MEng program at Cornell, but also may be partially satisfied by transferring in 9 credits of approved prior courses.