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Nika Colley and two others in an urban garden, inspecting crops.


Cornell Cooperative Extension provided 29 students with summer internship opportunities across New York state, ranging from creating a commercial guide for growing pawpaw fruits to helping the impact of the spotted lanternfly in the Hudson...

  • Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Environment
  • Food
Golden-winged Warbler resting on a tree branch.


The 2022 State of the Birds Report reveals that birds are declining overall in every habitat, except wetlands – a finding that could provide a viable strategy for improving outcomes for all birds.

  • Lab of Ornithology
  • Animals
  • Climate Change
Evon and Sydney Antonio in red fall attire, standing next to a lake, surrounded by trees. Fallen yellow leaves cover the ground.


A new outreach publication shares the stories of Black forestland owners in the Northeast to raise awareness of legacies of discrimination and recommend policies for expanding access for minority landowners.

  • Department of Global Development
  • Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Landscape
Headshot of Yiqi Luo


Meet Yiqi Luo, Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor, School of Integrative Plant Science.
  • School of Integrative Plant Science
  • Climate Change
  • Ecosystems

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Carmen Catalá and Philippe Nicolas look at tomatoes growing in a greenhouse.


Study IDs genes that can help fruit adapt to drought

Researchers from Boyce Thompson Institute and Cornell have identified genes that could help plant breeders develop drought-resistant fruit, through a study that provided the first-ever comprehensive picture of how a fruit’s gene expression...

  • Boyce Thompson Institute
  • School of Integrative Plant Science
  • Water
Rachel Bezner Kerr speaks into a microphone, aside other panelists, in front of a wide array of country flags.


More than 300 faculty, staff and students from Cornell and the new Cornell Global Hubs gathered Nov. 16-17 to discuss ideas for the next universitywide Global Grand Challenge.

  • Water
  • Global Development
  • Health + Nutrition
Sylvana Ross poses in a cornell sweatshirt holding a net over her shoulders.


What is your area of research and why is it important? I am interested in understanding how organisms’ interactions within cities influence their ecology and evolution. I am aiming to study the genetic variation between urban and natural ant...
  • Department of Entomology
  • Evolution
  • Climate Change