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Four students stand outside holding bioaccoustics tools

Field Note

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Cows in a barn


Cutting-edge, data-driven agricultural technologies and precision management strategies designed for the farm of the future will be developed, evaluated and demonstrated, thanks to a four-year, $4.3 million U.S. Department of Agriculture grant.

  • Cornell Institute for Digital Agriculture
  • Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Animal Science
Wires, installed to deter birds from flying into the glass, are seen on the footbridge of Stocking Hall.


A group of Cornell staff, alumni, students and volunteers have worked to retrofit windows on a few buildings so birds can recognize and avoid flying into them, with plans to address the issue on more around the Ithaca campus.

  • Cornell Atkinson
  • Lab of Ornithology
  • Food Science
Balto, pictured here in 1925, was renowned for his role in transporting diphtheria antitoxin to Nome, Alaska.


A Cornell-led project used ancient DNA extraction and analysis to reconstruct the phenotype of the renowned sled dog Balto, revealing his lineage was genetically healthier and less inbred than modern breeds.

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sheared sheep

Want to study animals?


Student pets goat at Art of Agriculture


Art of Agriculture
Join Sigma Alpha, professional agricultural sorority, on the Arts Quad to learn more about agriculture! Experience student groups, research labs, and agricultural outreach organizations representing a wide array of opportunities and careers in...
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Graduate students in the field of animal science eating dinner.


348 Frank Morrison Hall 507 Tower Road Ithaca, NY 14853 Schedule: 9/23: Andres Ortega "Examining the Role of Non-Essential AA for Milk Yield and Energetic Efficiency: Abomasal Infusion of Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids using Energy as...
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four youth in dairy barn


Entry for the Youth Dairy Judging competition is now open! The contest will be held on September 2nd during the colored-breed week during the New York State Fair. Registration is required and it is open to any New York youth ages 8 to 19 using...
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