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Danielle Eiseman

Visiting Lecturer, Department of Communication

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Contact Information

459 Mann Library
Ithaca, NY 14853

(607) 255-0747

dle58 [at]

Eiseman, D. & Hoffmann, M. (forthcoming). The story of climate change through food. In Storytelling to Accelerate Climate Solutions. Springer Nature. Switzerland.


Hoffmann, M., Koplinka-Loehr, C., & Eiseman, D. (April 2021). The Changing Menu: How Climate Change is Affecting the Foods We Love and Need. Cornell University Press.


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  • Conversations that Matter: Service-learning and curriculum design. FEMA Higher Education Symposium (June 2021).


  • Exhibitor in the University of Huddersfield Climate Action and Visual Culture Virtual Exhibit (2021).


  • Bridging Science with Policy Through Storytelling: A Workshop. SUSTEX 2021 Summit, Texas A&M Business School (2021).


  • Pathways for empowering community resilience. The Voinovich Public Innovation Challenge (2020).


  • Building climate resilience through engaged research with farmers, communities, and youth. UNFCCC SB50 Meeting, Bonn, Germany (2019).

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