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“Nutrition and immunity against infectious diseases—


through the lens of vitamin A”

A. Catharine Ross, Ph.D.

Professor of Nutrition and Physiology

Dorothy Foehr Huck Chair

Head, Department of Nutritional Sciences

The Pennsylvania State University

4:00 pm, Tuesday, October 5, 2021


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Abstract: Nutrition and infection have been studied for over a century, yet even now there is much still to be learned. What is becoming clear is that micronutrients, such as vitamin A, play multiple roles both in protective mucosal immunity and barrier functions, and in the acute response to infection. Recent research has revealed novel mechanisms, several involving mucosal immunity and host-microbiome interactions. This lecture, focusing on examples from vitamin A research, will bring to the fore several of the fascinating ways that micronutrients contribute to host defense against infectious diseases.




Co-sponsored by: Department of Animal Science, Department of Food Science, and Division of Nutritional Sciences



Date & Time

October 5, 2021
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Dale Bauman in the field with cows and feed bags.

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Dr. Xingen Lei


Animal Science

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Nutritional Sciences

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