The Dairy Extension program offers a core curriculum that covers basic dairy science and food safety, along with more specialized courses in cheese, cultured products such as yogurt, and fluid milk.

The content ranges from basic concepts such as the composition of milk, through techniques for handling and testing the products at each step of the manufacturing process, up through highly sophisticated data-analysis tools for ensuring product quality. 

Whether you have new employees or long-standing employees who need a refresher, there is an appropriate course for everyone. Contact the team to create a customized training plan or to discuss any course in-depth.

Core Courses

The backbone of the Certificate Program, these courses are a great starting place for new employees and a perfect refresher for the whole team.

Explore the basic principles of dairy science and dairy regulations in this semiannual course tailored to dairy processing personnel. 

Certificate CEU

Accredited HACCP

This workshop is designed to provide comprehensive instruction on the development of HACCP based food safety programs for dairy operations that should apply to juice and other foods as well.

Certificate CEU

Pasteurizer Courses

Pasteurization is used in the dairy industry to prepare milk for the processing of fluid milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Pasteurization makes milk and milk products safe for human consumption by destroying harmful bacteria.

Obtain an overview of the design, operation, cleaning and maintenance of High Temperature Short Time (HTST) systems in this workshop designed for those involved with milk pasteurization and offered three times each year.

Certificate CEU

Vat Pasteurizer

This workshop is designed for small-scale dairy processors and covers the key areas related to vat pasteurization.

Certificate CEU

Specialized Courses

Specialized courses are designed to give in-depth training to produce fluid milk or value-added dairy products.

This workshop is designed for those involved and interested in fluid milk processing and testing with the intent of providing the tools to support and improve on quality assurance/control and food safety programs for bottled milks. 

Certificate CEU

This workshop is designed for cheese manufacturers or others interested in the basic concepts of cheese making including processes and methodology.

Certificate CEU

This workshop is designed for yogurt and fermented dairy product manufacturers with a focus on cultures, processing, and food safety.

Certificate CEU

This workshop is designed for those involved and interested in the fractionation, separation, concentration and drying of dairy products and ingredients.

Certificate CEU

Advanced Courses

Take your employees to the next level: these courses build upon basic knowledge and focus on the science behind the process.

This workshop is designed for advanced level cheese manufacturers or others interested in the advanced concepts of cheesemaking including advanced chemistry and processing.

Certificate CEU

This workshop will provide attendees with information in key areas related to advanced microbiology, chemistry in fermented milk and dairy product production, along with advanced sensory product evaluation, safety and quality assurance.

Certificate CEU

Additional Training Opportunities

Courses in specialty and regulatory topics are available beyond our Certificate Program. Several are available as in-plant trainings (in-person or virtual).