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As we confront the legacy of historical White Supremacy -- exploring the effects of wage and wealth inequality, witnessing political polarization, and realizing the related climate distress and public health consequences -- we are all challenged to contemplate our own social identities, related habits and attachments, and explore the values and practices necessary to sustain multiracial democracy. Turning toward and taking up our part of the work of minimizing socially-created surplus suffering can lead to greater distress before it leads to more ease. How might our contemplative pedagogies and practices assist us in maintaining equanimity and wellbeing as we strengthen our skillfulness in working with the changing culture and its consequences?  

Author and law professor Rhonda V. Magee’s work centers mindfulness and a compassion-based approach to confronting racial injustice and working towards healing.  It invites us into the very personal and “inner” work of pursuing racial justice in our daily lives at Cornell and beyond -- helping us to enter in from a place of mindful awareness and grounding.

This event is co-sponsored by the Community Learning and Service Partnership (CLASP) and the Cornell Farmworker Program in the Department of Global Development. 

Date & Time

October 12, 2021
12:00 pm - 12:00 pm

rhonda v. magee

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Rhonda Magee


Department of Global Development

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