30% NY Initiative Eligible Product Database

The NY Product Database is a collection of products that qualify for the 30% NY Initiative, and are widely available for purchase by School Food Authorities (SFAs) for use in their lunch programs. All products are either NY Grown & Certified, or contain 51% or more raw NY agricultural product. The database was created by Cornell Cooperative Extension - Harvest NY, with input from NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, NYS Department of Education, SFAs, and other partners.

Please be sure to refer to the below video tutorial before you consider purchasing any of these products, or claiming them as part of your 30% Initiative audit. The database is updated regularly with new products, vendors, and information.

**Note: You may be prompted to login or create an Airtable account the first time you access the database--don't worry! You do not need to have an account to access the database.**

Contact Us

Please contact Becky O'Connor (rao84 [at] cornell.edu) or Cheryl Bilinski (cbt32 [at] cornell.edu) if you notice any missing or incorrect product information.