Seneca County GIS Capacity Internship

The Seneca County Planning Department has only within the last few years explored GIS mapping technology and has limited staff capacity. The intern will assist in community planning at the County level and support the sustainability of municipal-level decision making for townships and villages within Seneca County. The intern will gain real-life experiences in the field of municipal planning, including economic development planning, land use and environmental planning. Working with the GIS staff in the Planning Department, the intern will digitize county zoning and tax parcel information to create GIS maps that are needed to procure state grant funding. It is hoped that this will strengthen the relationship between CCE and County planning and expanding it to include campus with possible other projects for service-learning classes.

Roles and responsibilities 

The intern will work with the GIS staff member in the Seneca County Planning Department to organize, process, and analyze data and construct GIS maps. The initial project will be digitizing zoning information and creating maps that can be used by various municipalities in the county to seek grant funding. Rural communities struggle to keep pace with technological advances for various reasons. This internship will build GIS Capacity in Seneca County by providing the student’s knowledge and skills supported by faculty expertise, and CCE Community connections. With guidance and data from the Planning Department and support of the faculty member, the intern will design, plan and implement the GIS project. The intern will also develop a short presentation on the value of GIS for County governments to be presented to the Seneca County Board of Supervisors in the Fall.

Qualifications and previous coursework

This opportunity was made available to non-graduating students enrolled in Cornell University's CAS, ILR, AAP, COE and JCB.

  • CRP 4080 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and/or 
  • PLSCS 5200 Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Concepts and Application

Learning outcomes 

  • Exposure and experience working in the field with municipal planning in a rural environment in New York State. 
  • Refining GIS skills and abilities that are professional standards in city and urban planning careers. 
  • Improved public speaking skills, communication skills, and time management skills.