Cornell Cooperative Extension’s (CCE) community and economic vitality programs build the capacity of New York state communities to engage in and direct their own futures. 

To see what programs are offered in your area, visit or contact a local office.

Featured programs

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APREP disaster researchers and educators across Cornell University and CCE develop evidence-based guidance on preparedness, response and recovery after natural disasters and emergencies, assist with CCE emergency operations and conduct research which informs future response and recovery efforts.

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In partnership with the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets, CCE operates several Taste NY store locations which market and sell local foods, beverages and value-added products.

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Through the Farm Ops program, the Returning Warriors: Outdoor Recreation, Restoration & Resilience program and other local and regional programs, CCE partnerships support the livelihoods of military veterans and families across New York.


Dryden solar farm


Cornell launches New York solar farm study
Allison Chatrchyan and David Kay, senior research and extension associates in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’ Department of Global Development, are studying solar leasing on farmland in New York to better understand the economic...
  • Community and Regional Development Institute
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Department of Global Development
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Extension shares community connections in Albany
In the Capitol lobby, which was lined with CCE banners and tables, lawmakers engaged with interactive displays highlighting CCE-led initiatives such as 4-H Camps, farm-to-school programs, robotics, food systems, and Relatives and Parents...
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension
A man and woman standing with their back to a barn with small goats at their feed


CCE connects local farms, foodies through Taste NY
Owners John and Dawn Alfano have fed their 19 dairy goats a breakfast of sweet feed mixed with black sunflower seeds before releasing them to a hillside paddock, where they sunned themselves in dappled grass, snacked on crispy golden maple...
  • Cornell AgriTech
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Agriculture


Symposium seeks to beat back ‘zombies,’ grow sustainable housing

In fact, so-called “zombie homes” – often left vacant and unmaintained during prolonged foreclosure proceedings – are a serious problem that drew experts from academia, government and nonprofit organizations to Cornell Oct. 23-24 for a symposium...

  • Community and Regional Development Institute
A black older woman sitting on her front stairs in front of her garden



CCE’s Blocks in Bloom helps communities flourish
Her mother, Lydia Rivera-Warr, was taken aback by her child’s observation. “But she was right,” says Rivera-Warr. “Back then, not only was Emerson Street strewn with litter, it was a place where drugs were sold openly and prostitutes hung around...
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