NYS Dept. of Ag and Markets, Division of Food Safety and Inspection

For this project, the selected student will assist in the review of data in support of improvements to the Food Safety regulatory, compliance and educational outreach programs provided to the NYS food manufacturing and retail industry in NYS. They will also assist in the review of existing food safety policies and procedures and assist in ensuring all related policies and procedures are adequately documented and appropriately shared with industry.

    Roles and responsibilities 

    In this role, the student intern would have access to confidential data regarding licensed and inspected facilities to review and report this data in the aggregate to inform policy makers on the effectiveness of the food safety program in place. The intern would also ensure that associated guidance is adequately documented and where appropriate, develop written outreach to NYS industry.

    Qualifications and previous coursework

    This opportunity is available to non-graduating students in Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

    • Ability to review and analyze data in Excel and / or MS Access.
    • Ability to prepare written materials in a clear and concise manner for the general public and for internal users.
    • Ability to work independently when necessary, but is not shy about asking questions.
    • Access to high speed internet and phone. The Department will provide secure access to data and the technology to retrieve it.

    Learning outcomes 

    • How to create and read reports from the data reviewed as appropriate.
    • Creating documents in the form of a guidebook on food recalls, sanitary inspection guidelines for food businesses, etc.