Curriculum Development: Two-Generation Program "PS: It Works!"

The "PS: It Works!" curriculum is originally designed for adults, specifically parents or caregivers of children. CCE parent educators are in the process of adapting the program to a two generation approach, developing adaptations to the curriculum so youth will be able to participate in the workshop in conjunction with their parent/caregiver. The two-generation adaptations will strengthen the bond between caregiver/parent and child. The children and parents break off into two separate groups learning the skills independently, and then come together at the end of each session to practice the skills as a family. Giving the chance to come together and practice the skills will heighten the knowledge learned and provide opportunity to enhance participant’s abilities to interact with one another in a healthy and successful manner.

    Roles and responsibilities 

    The intern will be responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with the current 8 week PS It Works curriculum, including the adaptations that have been made to include youth in the program. Once comfortable with the current curriculum the intern will work with the Family and Community Development team to refine approaches and activities to engage different age groups of children, and families that will be appropriate to create curriculum adaptations. The intern’s role will be to use research to develop an age-appropriate evidence based curriculum for the youth component and the family sections that compliments the adult curriculum. The intern will be responsible for showing their progress to their supervisor, obtaining feedback and making changes when necessary.

    Qualifications and previous coursework

    This opportunity is available to non-graduating students in Cornell University's College of Human Ecology.

    • Experience working with Microsoft Office Suite, Word and Publisher
    • Writing/editing skills and experience applicable to general public
    • Background or interest in: child development, curriculum development, parenting programing, two generation approach
    • Self- motivated & self- directed
    • Excellent written and verbal skills
    • Ability to work both with a team and independently as needed

    Learning outcomes 

    • In-depth understanding of strengths-based parenting education programs
    • Gain understanding of curriculum development
    • Gain understanding of two generation approach
    • Learn how to discern credible sources to ensure research and evidence based information is being used
    • Learn how to translate credible research into engaging and appropriate practice
    • Learn how to receive constructive feedback regarding their work, and implement that feedback into their work