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  • Climate Change

Celebrating 65 years of biogeochemistry at Cornell - Learning from the past to inform the future 

Smokey pollution billowing up from smoke stacks above trees

Attendees will learn about the earth's biogeochemical cycling by world experts and will hear about some of the most pressing biogeochemical questions across terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

In this session, Dr. Maggie Xenopoulos, professor of biology at Trent University, will discuss the human fingerprints of dissolved organic carbon and the relevance for the global carbon cycle.

The 45-minute in-person session will be followed by a 15-minute Q&A and reception. Attendees must follow Cornell University health and safety protocols for indoor events; masks will be required. No RSVP required. 

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Meeting ID: 933 8249 9119

Passcode: 421626

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Meredith Holgerson, Assistant professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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