Hop Analysis

Our Craft Beverage Analytical Lab offers hop analysis services to New York brewers for trouble shooting and quality assurance purposes.


Close up of hands holding hops

Please note: we are currently unable to analyze fresh (wet) hops samples

What can you expect?

Please ensure that all samples for testing are delivered to our lab by the days and dates indicated below so that we can ensure a timely response. Hop samples will be processed in the order they are received. During the harvest season, please deliver samples to us by Wednesday each week to ensure results by the following Friday. 

Hops samples should be vacuum sealed, cold-packed, and sent overnight to the following address: 

Cornell Brewing Extension Lab Attn: Pam Raes
Cornell AgriTech-110 Agricultural Sciences Research Laboratory
665 W. North Street
​Geneva, NY 14456 USA

  • Alpha and beta acids are indicative of harvest maturity and characteristic of hop cultivar.
  • The hops storage index (HSI) is used to estimate alpha and beta acid loss due to storage and handling.
  • Includes: 10% moisture adjusted acids content (%) and moisture/dry matter (%)
  • Sample Size Needed: 10 grams
  • Hops moisture (commonly reported as percent dry matter) is an important value for harvest determination.
  • Drying hops to their ideal moisture content (8-12%) maximizes hops quality.
  • Sample Size Needed: 10 grams
  • Hop oils contribute aroma to beer, and oil content can be a quality indicator of hops samples.
  • Includes: 10% moisture adjusted total oil content (mL/100 g hops) and moisture/dry matter (%)
  • Sample Size Needed: 100 grams


  • Includes moisture, alpha and beta acids, and total oils
  • Sample Size Needed: 150 grams

Sampling instructions for fresh hops:

  • Representative sample (not the “best” or “worst” looking)
  • Sealed bag (zip top closure)
  • Next day deliver before 1 pm
  • Cold packed

Sampling instructions for dried hops:

  • Representative sample (in “to be sold” condition)
  • Sealed bag (zip top closure or vacuum sealed foil barrier package)