Sample Submission Form and Instructions


9am - 4pm

Monday - Thursday

8 am - 10 am


Sample submission:

Fill out the web form below and indicate your delivery method and timing. 

1. Shipped Samples: The campus is receiving packages, and shipping is the preferred method

CCBAL: Pam Raes
Cornell AgriTech-110 Food Research Laboratory
665 W. North Street
​Geneva, NY 14456 USA

2. Sample Drop off:

Drop-off will be at the more protected lower (west) entrance of the Food Research Lab (see map below). We recommend entering from Pre-emption Rd if possible.  As you turn onto Collier Drive, Food Science is the second building on the left.  As you pull into the parking lot, there is an overhang all the way to the left.  Inside, a red cooler will be placed at the top of a set of concrete stairs to receive your sample. Place your sample in the cooler, sanitized if possible. There will be a phone number listed on the top of the cooler. When the drop-off is completed, send a text message to that number letting us know it has arrived. If a text is not possible, email us ASAP.

Sample Drop off Map

map showing location of sample dropoff