Commitment to Diversity, Inclusiveness and Equity

We are committed to advancing Computational Biology as a scientific discipline.  Our vision is to have a department that recruits, trains, encourages, includes, and retains Computational Biology scientists from the broadest possible talent pool of individuals.  We believe this pool includes people of every possible parentage, culture, background, self-identity, life experience, and perspective who can work together and who can both listen to and learn from each other.  


Building towards this inclusivity and equity vision is an on-going and evolving process, and we are committed to constant improvement.  Our recent efforts have included successful recruitment of faculty and students from groups that tend to be under-represented among those working in Computational Biology, enhancing our support environment for everyone in our department community, and complementing our research with new directions that tap under-studied areas for innovation and discovery. Our broad goal with these efforts is to support the next generation of Computational Biologists who will make new contributions to science and who can positively impact society.