Off Campus Programs

Cornell In Washington

Design your own once-in-a-lifetime experience by spending a semester or summer with the Cornell in Washington program. There are opportunities for Cornellians and non-Cornellians (summer only).

All programs combine Cornell classes with internship experience and all participants reside at Cornell's Wolpe Center.

Semester Program

Open to any Cornellian, the Semester Program is the perfect blend of practical work experience and Cornell University courses, located in one of the world's great capital cities.

CAPS Program

CAPS in Washington is specifically for students in China and Asia-Pacific Studies. This program is only offered in the fall.

Summer Program

Cornell in Hollywood

For many years, CCLA has been working to build a strong Cornell in Hollywood (CIH) community to rival other Ivy networks. Now, with the support of our Board of Advisers, composed of prominent alumni in Hollywood, and the support of Cornell's Western Regional Office staff and numerous individuals and departments on campus, we believe we are well on our way to achieving our goals to:

  1. educate Cornell students who want to build a Hollywood career ;
  2. help students and recent graduates find internship and other career-building opportunities ; and
  3. provide life-long educational and networking opportunities to Cornell graduates working at all levels in Hollywood.

Join the Cornell in Hollywood Facebook Group, where you can connect and network with Cornellians interested in any aspect of Hollywood or show business! Read on for more information about what Cornell in Hollywood is in the midst of coordinating.

Ithaca College Exchange Program

The Cornell University-Ithaca College Exchange Program is a reciprocal arrangement between Cornell University and Ithaca College that allows matriculated full-time students with prior approval and within stated stipulations, to cross-register at the other institution. No additional tuition is charged except in the case of undergraduate students enrolled during any one semester for a total of more than 18 credits (Cornell and Ithaca College combined). Those students are subject to additional tuition charges on a per-credit basis. This arrangement is available during the fall and spring semesters only, and is contingent upon space availability. A maximum of 12 credits may be taken through this program.

Program petition forms are available from the continuing education office at the respective school. Program policies, registration dates, and academic calendars are contained in this information sheet. See the contact information section below.