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Colten Meisner

Graduate Student, Department of Communication

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ccm252 [at]

  • Duffy, B. E., & Meisner, C. (in press). Platform governance at the margins: Social media creators’ experiences with algorithmic (in)visibility. Media, Culture & Society.
  • Meisner, C., Duffy, B. E., & Ziewitz, M. (in press). The labor of search engine evaluation: Making algorithms more human or humans more algorithmic?New Media & Society.
  • Ledbetter, A. M., & Meisner, C. (2022). Sharing with just a few “finsta” friends: Context collapse, privacy, and imagined audiences on social media. In D. O. Braithwaite, J. T. Child, K. R. Rossetto, & J. T. Wood (Eds.), Casing Interpersonal Communication: Case Studies in Personal and Social Relationships (3rd ed.). Kendall Hunt.
  • Meisner, C., & Ledbetter, A. M. (2021). Participatory branding on social media: The affordances of live streaming for creative labor. New Media & Society.
  • Ledbetter, A. M., & Meisner, C. (2021). Extending the personal branding affordances typology to parasocial interaction with public figures on social media: Social presence and multiplexity as mediators. Computers in Human Behavior, 115, 1-11.
  • Meisner, C., & Hinderaker, A. (2020). Reframed crisis narratives: Localized agenda setting, product loyalty, and pre-existing organizational narratives in the 2015 Blue Bell Creameries listeriosis crisis. Western Journal of Communication, 84(2), 186-203.
  • Graduate Seed Grant, Cornell Center for the Study of Inequality, 2021
  • Media Studies Working Group Grant, Cornell Media Studies Initiative, 2021

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