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Chelsea Butkowski

Graduate Student, Department of Communication

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Contact Information

cpb96 [at]


Butkowski, C. P. (In press). “If you didn’t take a selfie, did you even vote?” Embodied mass communication and citizenship models in “I voted” selfies. New Media & Society.

Butkowski, C. P. (2020). Beyond ‘commercial realism’: Extending Erving Goffman’s gender display framework to networked media contexts. Communication, Culture, & Critique, 14(1), 89–108.

Butkowski, C. P., Dixon, T. L., Weeks, K., & Smith, M. (2020). Quantifying the feminine self(ie): Gender display and social media feedback in young women’s Instagram selfies. New Media & Society, 22, 817–837.

Guntzviller, L., Liao, D., Pulido, M., Butkowski, C. P. (2020). Advisor interaction goals and verbal messages: Merging a multiple goals approach and the integrated model advice-giving. Journal of Language & Social Psychology, 39, 292–317. 

Butkowski, C. P., Dixon, T. L., & Weeks, K. (2019). Body surveillance on Instagram: Examining the role of selfie feedback investment in young adult women’s body image concerns. Sex Roles, 81, 385–397.

Guntzviller, L., Liao, D., Pulido, M., Butkowski, C. P., & Campbell, A. (2019). Extending advice response theory to the advisor: Similarities, differences, and partner-effects in advisor and recipient advice evaluations. Communication Monographs, 87, 114–135.

Butkowski, C. P., & Tajima, A. (2017). A critical examination of visualized femininity: Selective inheritance of gender posing from historical painting to contemporary advertising. Feminist Media Studies, 17, 1037–1055.


Butkowski, C. P., & Humphreys, L. (2020). Gendered art, work, and self-representation: A comparative analysis of camera-phonographic and painted self-portraits. In L. Hjorth, A. de Souza, & K. Lanson (Eds.), Routledge companion to mobile media art. Routledge.