Diversity & Inclusion

Cornell's approach to institutional inclusion and diversity planning is holistic. Our commitments, both regulatory and strategic, involve novel approaches to improve campus culture and our demographic composition.

Toward New Destinations

In fall 2011, the University Diversity Council was restructured to include the president, provosts of the Ithaca and Weill Cornell campuses, five Ithaca-based diversity professionals, three Weill Cornell diversity professionals, as well as two vice presidents, three vice provosts, the director of institutional research, and the dean of students.

The University Diversity Council developed an institutional diversity planning initiative, "Toward New Destinations." The initiative lays the foundation for the university to remain positioned on the leading edge of education and employment through enhancement of a culture that provides for the full participation of all members of our community.

The initiative requires that each college and administrative unit annually identify five diversity initiatives in support of four core principles (composition, engagement, inclusion, achievement) for seven constituent groups: undergraduate students, graduate and professional students, postdoctoral associates and academic professionals, staff, faculty, the off-campus community, and the extended Cornell communities of parents, alumni, friends, and donors.

For the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, those goals have been established as:


  • Increase the percentage of underrepresented students by further developing relationships with targeted high schools and higher education institutions, increasing emphasis on recruiting of Native American students by working with the American Indian Program to reach NYS students and with Land Grant Institutions to identify qualified transfer students.
  • Increase international undergraduate students by restructuring admission priorities, further developing transfer programs, strategically developing exchange programs around the world, and facilitating the CALS Visiting Fellow program.

ACHIEVEMENT—undergraduate students

  • Expand summer internship opportunities for underrepresented students and include these students in networking and development sessions for all underrepresented students.

COMPOSITION—faculty, undergraduate students, graduate students, staff

  • Provide grants for department-based and faculty-led diversity recruitment initiatives, advertising availability of resources.

INCLUSION—faculty and staff

  • Actively recruit nominees for the CALS Diversity Award.

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