Mandi Kurtz ‘25

Mandi is concentrating in General Biology and is a senior, returning Student Advisor planning to attend medical school after graduation. In the summers, Mandi worked as a Nurse Assistant at a daycamp the last two summers. This summer she will be interning at a Biotech company in Israel, and volunteering with hospital patients. On campus she is in the Ren Lab, studying reproductive biology and integretive endocrinology. For fun, Mandi likes to try new restaurants, explore Ithaca, and spend time with friends. 

Mandi’s words of encouragement for incoming students

“Get to know the people in your classes! These will be your lab partners, study buddies, and friends for the next 4 years!”

College: CALS

Tutoring: BIOG 1440, BIOMG 1350

Email: mek286 [at]