Lizzie Goberdhan ‘25

Lizzie is concentrating in Cellular and Molecular Biology and plans to attend medical school after graduation! Lizzie is researching the link between the GPX-1 gene and Type II Diabetes in the Lei Lab and is a member of the Biology Scholars Program (BSP), Cornell Catholic, P3, and the American Cancer Society. This summer, she is going to volunteer at Jamaica Hospital and at Calvary Hospital. Her favorite course at Cornell so far is ASL 2301! In her free time, Lizzie likes to hike, do photography, sing, watch TV/movies, and she loves to bake!

Her advice for incoming students

“I know Cornell can seem hard at first, but you can do it!”

College: Arts and Sciences

Tutoring: BIOMG 1350, CHEM 2070, CHEM 2080

Email: emg258sc2834 [at] (@)