Gabrielle Naassana ‘25

Gabby, a senior, returning to the role of Student Advisor, and concentrating in Microbiology, plans to attend medical school after taking a gap year to conduct research. She is currently interested in multiple specialties including oncology and obstetrics. This summer, Gabby is shadowing multiple physicians, including a surgical oncologist and an OBGYN, in clinic and in the OR. In addition to this, she will continue her work with the Hospital Elder Life Program, or HELP, at Highland Hospital. She’s been a volunteer there since high school and loves interacting with patients. In previous summers, Gabby has also completed an internship with an internal medicine physician.Gabby has been a member of Cornell's original sketch comedy group, The Skits, since her freshman year. She’s also an active member of Cornell Class Councils and Becker House Council. In her free time, Gabby enjoys hiking Ithaca’s beautiful gorge trails as well as playing Mariokart with her friends and going to the movies.


Gabrielle's words of advice to incoming students:

"Use Freshman year as an opportunity to try new things, join clubs, meet friends, and explore campus and Ithaca altogether. Don’t stress over the little things or doubt yourself – you made it here after all!"

College: Arts and Sciences

Tutoring: BIOMG1350, BIO1440, BIOEE1780, and BIOMI 2900

Email: gmn36 [at]