Brendan Kosztyo ‘25

Brendan is concentrating in Cell and Molecular Biology and will be returning as a senior to the Student Advisor role. He plans to attend graduate school to get his PhD after graduation. He has spent 2 summers in Ithaca working at the Boyce Thompson Institute in the Richards Lab studying cell biology, genetics, and development. Other campus activities include being in Art Beyond Cornell and the Alpha Lota Gamma pre-health fraternity. In his free time he enjoys painting, playing basketball, listening to music, and reading.

His advice to freshman:

“Make sure to take everything day by day and don't worry too much about the future!”

College: CALS

Tutoring: Chem 2070, 2080, 3570, 3580, Biomg 1350, 2800, 3310, 3320, 4320

Email: bsk74dbc89 [at] (