Resources for undergraduate researchers

Funding your research

Research funding can open the door to new opportunities: a summer research position, conference travel and the freedom to ask new, exciting questions. Search our database of grants and fellowships from Cornell and beyond that support undergraduate research by funding equipment and supplies, conference travel and salary or stipends. This list is not exclusive, and other opportunities may be available depending on your research area. Be sure to work with your research mentor when applying for grants.

Library guides

There are numerous opportunities at Cornell to develop your skills as a scientist outside the lab. This guide from the Cornell Libraries is designed for undergraduate researchers in biological sciences and offers advice on literature searching, citation management, data management and more.

Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit 

Discover how to analyze and manage datasets in workshops from the Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit. 

Research Data Management Service Group

Best practices suggested by the Research Data Management Service Group. 

Science communication courses

Learn to discuss your research and other complex issues with scientists and non-scientists in science communication courses.

Cornell Undergraduate Research Board

Join the Cornell Undergraduate Research Board (CURB), take advantage of their workshops and present your work at CURB forums. Attend departmental seminars to learn about current research from around the world (check individual department websites for dates and times).