Department: Horticulture
Office: 33 Plant Science Building
Phone: 607–255-4586
Email: nlb2@cornell.edu

Department: Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology
Office: 316 Plant Science Building
Phone: 607-255-7849
Email: gcb3@cornell.edu

Department: Natural Resources & the Environment
Office: 222 Fernow Hall
Phone: 607-227-5927
Email: pdc1@cornell.edu

Department: Lab of Ornithology
Office: 159 Sapsucker Woods
Phone: (607) 254-2445
Email: aad4@cornell.edu

Department: Entomology / Molecular Biology and Genetics
Office: 5134 Comstock Hall
Phone: 607-255-8539
Email: aes326@cornell.edu

Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Office: E215 Corson Hall
Phone: 607-254-4211
Email: clg33@cornell.edu

Department: Microbiology
Office: B53A Wing Hall
Phone: (607) 254-8872
Email: agh5@cornell.edu

Department: Microbiology
Office: 370 Wing Hall
Phone: 607-255-3804
Email: jdh9@cornell.edu

Department: Microbiology / Shoals Marine Lab
Office: Wing Hall 403
Phone: 607-255-0151
Email: hewson@cornell.edu

Department: Neurobiology and Behavior AND CornellUniv.Museum of Vertebrates
Office: 179 Cornell Univ. Museum of Vertebrates (at Lab of Ornithology) AND 240 Mudd Hall
Phone: 607-592-5156
Email: cdh8@conell.edu

Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Office: E309 Corson Hall
Phone: (607) 255-6175
Email: howarth@cornell.edu

Department: Plant Biology
Office: 158 Emerson Hall
Phone: (607) 255-5554
Email: jh299@cornell.edu

Department: Animal Science
Email: igi2@cornell.edu

Department: Natural Resources
Office: 203 Fernow
Phone: 255-2775
Email: cek7@cornell.edu

Department: Animal Science
Office: 252 Morrison Hall
Phone: (607) 254-4703
Email: xl20@cornell.edu

Department: Entomology
Office: 4132 Comstock Hall
Phone: 607-255-1377
Email: shm33@cornell.edu

Department: Natural Resources and the Environment
Office: 204 Fernow Hall
Phone: 607-255-2270
Email: pbm3@cornell.edu

Department: Food Science
Office: 411 Tower Road
Phone: 607-280-8406
Email: mm2295@cornell.edu

Department: Entomology
Office: 4142 Comstock Hall
Phone: 607-216-7880
Email: kap235@cornell.edu

Department: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Office: 1110 Bradfield Hall
Phone: (607) 255-1729
Email: sjr4@cornell.edu

Department: Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Department of Natural Resources
Office: 159 Sapsucker Woods Road (Ornithology); 103 Fernow Hall (Natural Resources)
Phone: 607-254-2176
Email: arodewald@cornell.edu

Department: Natural Resources & the Environment
Office: 211A Fernow Hall
Phone: 607 255 1555
Email: lgr1@cornell.edu

Department: Microbiology
Office: 175A Wing Hall
Email: mls528@cornell.edu

Department: Natural Resources & the Environment
Office: B11 Bruckner Hall
Phone: (607) 255-2110
Email: rls11@cornell.edu

Department: School of Integrative Plant Science
Office: 521 Bradfield Hall
Phone: 607-255-1701
Email: tls1@cornell.edu

Department: Horticulture
Office: 211 Hedrick Hall
Phone: 315-787-2490
Email: lbs33@cornell.edu

Department: Entomology
Office: 4140 Comstock Hall
Phone: 607-327-0014
Email: saskya@cornell.edu

Department: Microbiology
Office: 360A Wing Hall
Phone: 607-279-3886
Email: scw2@cornell.edu

Department: Biological and Environmental Engineering
Office: 306 Riley Robb
Phone: 607-351-4551
Email: mw272@cornell.edu

Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Office: E139 Corson Hall
Email: xx286@cornell.edu

Department: Natural Resources and the Environment
Office: G-21 Fernow Hall
Phone: 607-255-6601
Email: jby1@cornell.edu